The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is a trade association in the Philippines, established in 2007 to represent and promote the country's game development industry. Its members create and publish interactive games and entertainment content for various platforms.

GDAP is supported by various affiliate member organizations including schools and universities, game studios, publishers, as well as retailers, all of whom play key roles in the country's thriving game industry.


GDAP is committed towards promoting the interests of the game development industry in the Philippines. The organization offers a wide range of services to its members including research and development, government relations, training, promotions, and others.


GDAP envisions a Filipino game development industry that is vibrant, dynamic, and prosperous.

GDAP promotes the growth and economic interests of the Philippine game development sector by providing a platform for collaboration and discussion among key players including executives, publishers, developers, and students. The organization hosts annual conferences and workshops, partners with representatives from other countries to promote trade relations, and pushes for government initiatives that support the growth of the local industry.