Board of Directors

Alvin Juban


Holds the helm at Synergy 88 Digital Inc. as Director for Business Development. Synergy is a Game, App and Art Developer and Publisher for Mobile Games for the Philippines and with distinction, carries the credit as the first Microsoft Certified 3D Game Art Provider from the local Industry.

In compliment to this position, he also helms GDAP as President & Chairman and is also Board Member at the Animation Council (ACPI); as well as Creative Services Industry Champion for the Board of Investments (BOI).

Solon Chen

  • Secretary
  • General Operations Manager
  • Kooapps

Managed multiple companies ever since he was a student. Took up a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and pursued a career in the same field after co-founding Kooapps, a game development studio. Currently fulfilling his duties as the General Operations Manager at Kooapps and actively participating as a Board Member of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines. Aims to promote the game industry in the Philippines through different events and activities.

Shelly Kero


Shelly Kero currently holds the position of COO at Job and Esther Technologies (Finland and Philippines) and Eqela (Singapore). She heads the business development team, being in charge of marketing, sales and business operations, and contributing heavily to the direction of product development and design as well. As a serial entrepreneur she has founded and managed several companies, namely Inceptions, Inc., Kolipri Communications, Job and Esther Technologies and now Eqela, all together with Markku Kero.

Prior to her entrepreneurial career, she was involved in business development and customer interface for Microsoft products as well as Nokia hardware, giving her a very comprehensive and well rounded perspective on the field of international IT business. She is passionate on developing the youth so she organizes trainings that teaches young people to develop games.

Paolo Jalbuena


Paolo Jalbuena is one of GDAP's latest addition to its board. Since writing his first game in 1984 on a Sharp MZ-80A, he has continually and passionately pursued the knowledge to create bigger and better games leading to his setting up a game development studio, Fandom, Inc. in 2007, and a school, Game Development Institute in 2013, and serves both as President and CEO. Having roots in the province, he is currently spearheading GDAP's regional chapter program to promote the organization's goals in representing a united Philippine game industry.

Andro Baluyut


Andro Baluyut is a private entrepreneur that serves as the Philippine Board of Investments’ (BOI) private sector Industry Champion for the country's Video Game Industry. He is the CEO of his own company, GameOps Inc., and is also a board member of the Game Developer Association of the Philippines.

As the BOI's private sector Industry Champion, Andro has led and facilitated the country's "GameDev Philippines" initiative that capitalizes on the country's advantages in English proficiency, westernized culture, and labor costs, to turn the Philippines into the ideal destination for video game development.

As a Solutions Provider, he has enabled Customer Support, Game Moderation, Community Management, and Quality Assurance solutions for more than 20 international online games. As a Publisher, he launched and operated more than 15 MMOGs into the Philippine market.

JD Abenaza


JD is the Founder and CEO of Zeenoh, an entertainment software company. With his experience of more than 12 years in the business of Information Technology and Game Development he has produced hundreds of websites, software applications and video games. JD is a visionary, futurist and a programmer turned into a businessman. Being a technology entrepreneur, JD is also among PCCI's Outsanding Young Entrepreneur for the year 2015.

James Palabay


James has a BA degree on Communication Arts from UPLB and had short course at Stanford University in 1998 on publishing and printing. He and was a participant in a Netherlands exchange program in 1999.

He has had experience producing original Intellectual Properties (IPs) since the inception of Culture Crash Comics which broke 20 year comic book sales in the Philippines and has yet to be matched as of the present. After finding that the local system for publishing was far from ideal He shifted to outsourcing where he has helped create and oversee production for globally known brands and entertainment companies. In particular, he has helped developed IPs for US, UK and Japan based companies, many of which are under non-disclosure agreements. Most recently, he has been involved in re-developing a new animation series based on a Warner Bros. owned property.

Jun Hyun Kim


In his role as CEO, Justin KIM leads Redbana Corporation’s global operations and works closely with online PC and Mobile game developers and publishers. Justin KIM is responsible for Redbana’s strategic vision, planning and corporate direction. He’s been in the publishing business for 5 years in the Philippines, enhancing and providing Filipino workers the best experience in improving their quality of work.

His 16 years of experience has been dedicated to the many aspects of the online gaming industry, with focus on Strategic Planning, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Human Resource and Live Operation Management. Justin KIM has performed market analysis and brokered distribution agreements for PC and Mobile games globally. He has previously worked at WEBZEN AMERICA as Chief Operations Officer, Head of Game Operations at ATLUS ONLINE, and Vice President of Monetization at OPENBUCKS.

Rhea-Luz Valbuena

  • Board Member
  • Executive Director - School of Computing and Information Technologies
  • Asia Pacific College

Ms. Rhea-Luz Valbuena graduated with BS in Computer Science in De La Salle University (DLSU) and Masters in Information Management with honors in Asia Pacific College. She is currently taking her Doctorate in Information Technology (in DLSU).

Immediately after college, she became an Account Manager in Microsystems Solutions, Corp., a Bistro Holdings company. She was sent to Singapore for training on Point-Of-Sales systems and since then became part of the successful installations of POS to well-known restaurants and hotels in Metro Manila and nearby areas.

She then decided to explore teaching as she had recognized the mismatch of skills and increasing need of competent manpower in the industry. She started her teaching career in APC in 1998. As a faculty member, she was given the opportunity to attend the Program for IT Engineers in Japan as Philnits scholar. She also handled various core positions in APC - as Assistant to the Dean for Student Affairs, Student Activities Coordinator, Assistant Program Director, Student Services Director and College Registrar enabling her to understand the education operations better. She is also one of the accreditors for the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

She is currently the Executive Director for the School of Computing and Information Technologies of Asia Pacific College, leading the team who brought APC to the recognition of Center of Excellence in IT Education since 2008, among other local and international recognitions and accreditations. She aims for the success of its CS and IT programs to also be emulated to its BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program, with specialization in Game Development, by maximizing the partnership with industry, GDAP and various educational institutions in the country.

She believes that further strengthening the relationship of GDAP with the academe is a must. It is only through meeting of the minds of the industry and academe that collaboration, synergy and convergence can happen. Not bad to dream for the Philippines to be a Game Capital of the World.