Cuckoo Run: Experience a new kind of thrill with chickens

Developed by Zeenoh, Inc.

Posted on August 4, 2015

The hustle and bustle of the city is oftentimes stressful than it should be. Just the thought of it makes many people want to leave the city, probably to a farmland, for a while and rest. This new game of Zeenoh will not take you to an actual farm but will give you a fresh experience of a farm and its resident animal.

In Cuckoo Run, each game players will start with one chicken that they need to protect as they encounter challenges in the farm. Players will have to swipe their finger up or down depending on the obstacles which the game is full of. They’ll meet the pink and mean Oink the Pig, the brute Moo the Cow and other characters who will do their best to stop the chickens from escaping Escaping the farm is not the only goal of the game. Chickens do come in groups. Collect eggs that will transform into little chicks which will escape with the player. These chicks will also have to dodge obstacles or they will lose one by one.

Collecting enough chicks will unlock new characters for the players like the Warrior Chicken that can knock off an obstacle once, Midas’ Chicken that doubles the accumulated points of the players and other characters in the future update.

Power-ups are also available to help players survive their escape in the farm. Miss no eggs with the use of Suck It Up as it makes it easier to collect all the eggs the chicken passes through. See our two-legged friends soar with Up, Up and Away which gives the chickens the ability to fly for a limited time. Experience a new kind of thrill with chickens with this new game Cuckoo Run. Who can collect the most number of chicks? Will Moo stomp you to pieces? Will you even escape?

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