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Definite Studios is a leading game art outsourcing studio providing high quality 2D game art production services. The company started in 2016 with 3 ambitious founders who love to play games. We now have 85+ full-time employees, ranging from seasoned artists, animators, producers, and game developers who are always willing to go an extra mile to deliver incredible products. It is the first game development studio in the Philippines that is officially supported by the Board of Investors Philippines. Our mission is to help both publishers and developers to achieve their goals in developing and promoting their 2D games. We are also expanding to create other products such as webtoons and animation ventures. Also, our games include both homegrown and co-developed ones which cater to a variety of styles and players.

Products & Services

Art Outsourcing:
2D Character Illustrations
2D Environment Illustrations
Concept Arts
UI/UX Design
Marketing Assets (Social and UA)
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Spine Animation
Flash/Animate CC Animation

Art outsourcing

Game Development:
Full-cycle Game Development
Live Operations
Managed Operations
Project Takeovers

Typing Student
Deep Rift 9
Maple Shrine
Triple Triad

Real Cyber Girlfriend

Definite Studios sample works

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