About Polywick Studio

Polywick Studio is an Arts Outsourcing & Outsourcing company offering reliable 3D services for those looking for an affordable and alternative solution for their 3D Production.

Products & Services

– Character and Environment Assets creation for VR, AR, mobile, console, and PC.​
– Low-Poly Character and Envrionment Assets for AR Books.
– 3D Assets Optimization, Retopology, and Texturing.
– Clean-up of scanned 3D Assets.

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  1. Please email us, or use the contact form, with your issues and concerns, and we will either email to you, or setup a phone call-back or phone-meeting.

    Travel Directions via Phone:
    Got lost in Alabang? You are near-by and unsure where our office is? Please contact Polywick Studio via our Facebook page for travel directions on your mobile phone.

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